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  1. thats great - ill give it a go - thank you - I wish they would offer an answer to this as it defeats the purpose of having a Members only section - thank you Gregg.
  2. Site URL: https://www.brettharknesstraining.com I am looking to make a members only section to my site. Is there any video host service that will allow you to embed a private video code to the members section. You Tube it has to be public to use the code so whats the point of charging people to view if its available for free on YT? There has to be a work around? Any help much appreciated . stay safe xBrett
  3. BrettUK

    0% VAT

    Ive just found it paul - awesome youre a star. I so wish SS would get there act together in this dept. Its like no one realises the things that could be so much better and make it an awesome platform rather than a good one!!
  4. BrettUK

    0% VAT

    Does anyone know if I can rate 1 product as 0% VAT? All of my other products are 20% VAT rated? Need help with this one please ?
  5. Has anyone found any work around with the waitlists feature, ie- not showing up until you click onto the sold out button and choose a variant? Who is going to click on SOLD OUT and then choose A VARIANT before seeing the WAITLIST? Either have it under the products or allow under product that's SOLD OUT a WAITLIST option with when you click through to the full bleed product page it is there straight away - cant be that hard to implement surely. It was one of the features I am paying extra money for ( including USA shipping calculations ) although I am UK based ( when will we have UK & other country shipping options based on supplier and weights etc!! ) Come on SS - your'e amazing - get your act together! cheers, Brett bh.mov
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