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  1. https://dragonfly-antelope-z7f8.squarespace.com Password: squarespace Thanks for taking a look at this @tuanphan
  2. .black .sqs-block-html a{ background-image:none; } Add this to your sites Custom CSS
  3. Click the post name at the top of the page (see arrow on image attached). An Edit Post box will pop up. Click Options to upload the thumbnail image.
  4. In 7.1 you have the option of styling the blog as a grid (thumbnail image stacked on top of title) or side by side (thumbnail image on the left with text adjacent to it). However, when viewed on mobile the blog layout defaults too grid. There is currently no way of customising the mobile view from within the Style section. Attached is an image of the mobile view I'm trying to achieve. Summary blocks allow you to create this layout but I need this layout to apply to the entire blog. Can anyone please help with the CSS so that the blog displays as grid on deskop but side by side (list view) on mobile?
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