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  1. Gave it a shot, and it worked! Thank you, jpurata!
  2. I so agree, and I've seen many posts where you've commented. I've been trying to use your workarounds, but I can't get them to work. :-(
  3. I insert the CSS code into the code block too? I thought it goes in the header? I'm putting the HTML in the code block.
  4. I did that. I inserted the CSS into the header and the HTML into a code block. It is only listing the info. in the cells in columns and rows. It's completely ignoring the formatting of the CSS.
  5. I have searched these forums and have found others with this same issue: no ability to create a table in SquareSpace. I have found several suggestions to insert one using HTML code after generating it on another site. I have done that and inserted the code, but all that comes up are rows and columns of information, not an actual table with borders and cells. I have injected the CSS code into the header on that page, but it's as though the HTML code isn't recognizing it. ALL I WANT IS A GRID FOR MY PRICES. This is incredibly frustrating and honestly, it may shove me over to another hosting si
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