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  1. @creedon Just amazing! That has worked perfectly and I'm not the best with code, but that was easily implemented following your guidelines. Can't thank you enough for your help with this. Excellent!
  2. Hey! I can https://www.seedheadarts.com/events/lap-off-13-sept-2019 So this is an example of a past event which you can see has a category of "past". I'm wondering is it possible to hide elements on this page — and others with the same category (or tag) — across the website? * and obviously I can appreciate this would more than likely be through the addition of some code — which is no problem!
  3. Hey Everyone! I'm trying to hide elements of an events page — such as date, time and pagination — depending on whether or not it is within a certain category. I can hide all of those elements globally no problem! Essentially I want to hide time and dates from "past" events and so I have created these events with a "past" category, but I'm wondering if it is possible to remove elements depending on category across the website? Anyone any ideas?
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