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  1. Nothing loads on button click – just a blank space. I tried fixing it with this to force color and size, still nothing: .newsletter-block .form-submission-text { font-size: 20px; color: #1E4C90;} The site is brooklynmeditation.org and the form is on every footer. I have some custom CSS for .newsletter-block .newsletter-form-button but I dont think there's anything there that could affect the post-submit message... Thanks everyone!
  2. Right, I see. The yui ID isn't static... I think I'll have to figure it out – not a complete newbie, just been out of the website game for a number of years! So many thanks for all your help, if I get stuck I'll reach out :)
  3. Is it possible to target a specific ID, for example: yui317211564334848279241
  4. Got it – so there seems to be no way to target a specific block type only?
  5. @tuanphan That's awesome, totally works. However is there a way to code this to work globally and only on galleries? That would give me the flexibility of deciding how the images appear – If I dont want white space, I use images within a gallery, if I do want white space, I can simply use image blocks... does that make sense? This site will be managed by volunteers, none of whom have CSS skills, so I'm hoping to just set this up in the simplest way possible for future changes.
  6. www.brooklynmeditation.org Home page is great, that's using index to get the gallery to appear full-width. https://www.brooklynmeditation.org/foundation-program^^ This is what I am trying to fix. How do I remove white space, specifically on the sides? (I can deal with top by simply removing that padding site-wide and adding a spacer when I need it.)
  7. @tuanphan I can, but won't it just default to the existing active template? The live site is still on Five...
  8. Hello fine Squarespace experts, I'm swapping Five for Brine and I'm loving it. Mostly. Here's the issue: I am using, and liking, the inset feature, BUT I still want to have white space on the sides of the page when I am doing side-by-side text or image blocks. Problem: when I turn on "Site Padding" to accomplish the white space (currently at 50px), that site padding affects my gallery images, but I want to have FULL WIDTH galleries. I've thought about this from many angles and since I have less galleries than any other blocks, it seems to make sense to override the site padding on galleries. I've tried to insert snippets of code found here and around the web, but nothing seems to work. Ideally what I'm hoping for is a global setting in Custom CSS, since there will never be a time where I dont want gallery images to appear full width. I know I can do this with index pages, but some of these have to live as part of navigation sets, so that cant be a solution across the board. Help much appreciated :)Maria PS: The site currently is preview only since I'm revamping an existing website. Hence no reference links. If it's necessary, I can duplicate a page or two.
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