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  1. Memberful is the most popular membership plugin for websites but cannot be used properly with Squarespace. There are three dedicated membership 'plugins' that supposedly work with Squarespace: Square Secure, Sentry Login, and GoPaywall. I have used GoPaywall and it is very good looking - it integrates well. But there doesn't seem to be a way for users to cancel their account (hopefully this feature will be introduced as GoPaywall is a new company). Square Secure and Sentry Login both have sort of unattractive websites - which has put me off a little - but obviously the important thing is the product. So I'd like to ask if anyone has experience with any of these companies - can you please let me know of your experience. Honestly as much as I really appreciate everything Squarespace has done for me - they could have introduced an in-house membership solution a LONG time ago.
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