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  1. I'm well aware of these other resources, but they don't give me a built-in responsive UI, and SquareSpace's map blocks do. Is there a way I can modify either solution to make the map fit my page on any device?
  2. /* caption font size on videos */ .video-caption * { font-size: 1em !important; /* the inline styles on video captions will win if we don't make this important */ padding-top: 5px; } Drop this in Design > Custom CSS. @dannyvaritek's answer is a little more complicated than this needs to be. You don't need to specify the collection if you're comfortable with this applying to all video captions. On my instance of Marquee, the video captions look too small because there's inline CSS sizing the font to 13px. We can override the inline with !important . By re-pegging the caption size to page's font size, you'll can get a more reasonably-sized fonts, especially on mobile devices (which is where I noticed the problem). Vary 1em from .7em - 1.2em to fit your taste. The padding-top statement is there because @dannyvaritek was kinda right about that.
  3. This answer doesn't work for me because my Marquee template has font-size hard-coded as inline CSS, so adding custom CSS code has no effect. <span style="font-size: 13px; @media">video caption text</span> I don't see any way to get around inline CSS. Do you?
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