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  1. I've had so many client who use Square and want to stick with it as their main payment processor. Are there any plugins or extensions that would allow for this?
  2. This did help the speed of the editor in my case👍
  3. I am having the same problem - I thought is was an issue with my Mac but I'm able to use Photoshop and Illustrator just fine. I can work for about three hours in the morning but by noon the site slows down soooo much it's barely usable. Tried other browsers and it's the same. I haven't really experienced this until recently?
  4. Site URL: https://hopedella.squarespace.com/ The password to the site is leawood For the mobile preview I would like the newsletter block to appear first - is this possible? Thanks so much!
  5. Hello! I'm wondering if it's possible to embed a video (from youtube) in the actual product description?
  6. I am trying to figure out how to have a full-bleed image on one have of a section and then text on the other side and I'm having a hard time with 7.1. Any good options? Here is an example of what I mean https://share.getcloudapp.com/Blu1JQnB
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