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  1. Thank you! That worked - I can't believe i didn't find that myself. Thanks again.
  2. Hi all, I need some help with this too! I am using a text block to add a "footer navigation" but I'm having some trouble w/ the styles. I got the spacing to look good but can anyone help remove the text-decoration underline? I cannot get it to disappear! I basically want it to mock the header nav. Look at the FOOTER: https://redesign-90-day-biz.squarespace.com/ pw: WhorunTheWorld? Here is the css I'm using: /* FOOTER */ footer h3 a:link { text-decoration: none!important;} footer h3 a:visited { text-decoration: none!important;} footer h3 a:hover { text-decorati
  3. This goes into the fact that t\here needs to be a more robust DELIVERY section of the Commerce product overall. Everything is hacks and no matter what, the checkout page still has words like "SHIPPING" in it - even if we are doing delivery or pickup. I'm trying to set up a delivery website and the custom checkout form has all the delivery info in it. Using that Form, and you can add a "date" field for delivery - but there is nothing to stop the user from putting a date in the PAST! This Commerce product seems to only be geared to shipping and it would be so helpful to do delivery and pick
  4. PAUL! Thanks for the quick response. The fact that the variant appears on the Cart page is HUGE. I didn't notice that the first time around! Do you have any idea if that size variant will appear in reporting after orders are completed? If so, my issue is resolved. Thanks again, Rachel
  5. Hi All! I'm building a shop that sells beer online. I added a Variant called "Size" and it will display options such as: 4 pack 12oz bottles 6 pack 12oz Cans My problem is that for some products, there is only one option and I need that option to display on the page regardless. They seem to only display a variant when there is MORE than one option. You can see this in the attached screenshot. Any idea how to force this display (besides adding the size as "text" in the description. I'm trying to stay away from that so that reporting will be consistent from product to produ
  6. I am having the same problem! @srodrigues - I believe we are all using the .csv file from the help area - and editing it as instructed. For some reason, it still says the column is missing. Are we supposed to Edit the Product ID Column in some way?
  7. I also need help with this in 7.1. The Style (background colors etc) of My Shopping Cart page is defaulting to a Dark section color theme. Why can I not select which Section Color Theme I want to be applied to this page? I have looked everywhere! Does this have to be done in Custom CSS across the board? Attached are screenshots. I want that yellow background to be white.
  8. Thanks, Tuanphan! I actually found a solution that didn't require an upgrade. I got the code from here: https://schwartz-edmisten.com/blog/title-appear-when-hovering-on-summary-block Wexley was waaay too buggy and I couldn't get it to work. I switched to Brine (of course) and implemented that helpful code and it worked! I think it's crazy that something as simple as hover titles and exteral URLs should have caused so much trouble (it took up over 10 hours for me.) Hopefully, a Squarespace functionality to be added in the future. This is all set. Be well!
  9. Hi all, I am desperately trying to do something that's seemingly easy but frustratingly seems impossible with any template. I've been working on this for a few hours and can't figure it out so I'm coming to you smart folks! The client requires two things of her Gallery Portfolio: Hover on the image so the title displays. She loves the "look" of Wexley's hover image display: https://wexley-demo.squarespace.com/ Once you click on the image, you should be taken directly to an external site in a new tab. (i.e. either a PDF or an external site URL). In Wexley's gallery
  10. Thank you, Paul, for the fast response! Is anyone familiar w/ other online store platforms that would be able to do something like this? I already built the whole thing on Squarespace but am curious about flexibility of other online shop options if anyone knows. I'm also thinking if worse comes to worse - i could sell the beer on the Commerce platform. And then just hand-code paypal stuff on a different page for the Pint glasses... ?
  11. Hi all, I'm building an online store for a client who's company will be like the "Grubhub of Craft beer." Delivering craft beer to people's homes in this one region (in the USA.) The beer money will be going straight to the liquor stores - and then the liquor store will pay my client his portion of the sales. In addition to beer, they'll sell pint glasses on the website. They'd like the money for the pint glasses to go to a different Account than the beers. Is it possible to set up some products to go to one account and other products to go to a different account? THANK YOU!
  12. The custom css is a good fix, but there should be a way to style drop down menus (background color, fonts, spacing) without custom CSS - like you could in 7.0. Does anyone know if this is something that will be added to 7.1 (or is currently available and I can't find it)? There seems to be so much basic customization missing from this version of the platform. Thank you!
  13. I have a client who wants a website for a Beer Delivery service in Michigan, USA. For the ECommerce options - is there a way to verify age before purchase? And/or restrict products by age? Other examples of Beer, wine, or alcohol shipping websites would be appreciated as well. Thanks!
  14. Following! I'm interested in a store that restricts products by age. My client wants to sell beer online and we need a way to verify age before purchase. Thanks!
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