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  1. Hi. I know that squarespace sends the following to GA: Order ID Your store name Purchase total (includes shipping) Customer's city, region, and country Product name SKU But is there anyway to also get the product category to send through as well? Product and SKU are filtering though but for Category, I just get 'not set' Thanks
  2. Thanks for the response... been looking further into this, does it make a difference that we are not bothered if someone manually changes the volume of each item in the checkout cart? They are free items so would just get sent one anyway. What we need is a way to limit the different products added to the cart to 4...
  3. Hi, Is it possible to customise the members area joining page to add an extra couple of fields (want to add a 'company' and 'city' section as well)?...
  4. Hi, I am building up a site in which customers can order free samples of the product (carpet). We have done this though commerce which is working great. Only problem I now have is that the client wants to limit the number of samples a customer can order to 4... can this be done?
  5. Hello, I'm doing a test for a client in 7.1 - one of things I need to be able to do is add text over the top of gallery images - is this at all possible? Thanks.
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