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  1. Hi there!  Nice to meet you, thanks for checking out my profile here on "The Circle" (no, not the Netflix Reality Show... the Squarespace one 🤪).

    I'm just getting this profile updated, so please @ me if you notice anything I should tweak, or just delete altogether. I won't be offended....too much. 😉

    A bit about me:
    I specialize in various forms of online media, including but not limited to:

    • websites
    • social media (primarily these "7 Biggest of 2020")
    • email marketing (think Mailchimp or ConvertKit)
    • CRM (shop-talk for Customer Relationship Management systems)
    • ChMs (short for Church Management Systems)

    But really, I'm just a fanatic about engagement with people groups and the tools we use to facilitate it. (all of these tools can work together, trust me!)

    I have a lot of experience and I can show you some of my portfolio (even the "unpublished works"), so if you're interested please reach out!  I'm also happy to answer questions (no charge!) and connect however I'm able.

    Thanks!  Have a great day!

    Email me: hello@dougharkness.com
    Connect with me on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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