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  1. Thanks for your response, sorry I didn't see it until now! No I haven't solved it, i'm guessing it just happens to break at the right spot at the size of your browser window? This is how it is at a larger width for me (see screenshot 1). It's not as obvious here, but I'm in the process of adding additional elements that come after the store (basically subsections) and then the line breaks feel weird. I'm attaching screen shots of that as well (although not the live links as it's under nda) BUT the question is all the same as the current live site as to how to line break after/before a specific link.
  2. Site URL: http://www.houseofgrey.co.uk Hello, I was wondering if there was a way of adding a line break to the Collection Nav item in Brine (this is the large overlay/rollover navigation on the landing page of Brine). I can isolate different menu items and alter their styling but can't find a successful way of forcing an element to stay on it's own line. For instance on the current live site, if 'Store' Could always be on its own line underneath the rest of the navigation. I have a few janky workarounds like restricting the resizing of the text and the size of the container to pixels so it's not as responsive. I'll then have to resize the mobile menu since it will be huge... But, ideally I would just be able to force line breaks after certain links! Site is live: https://www.houseofgrey.co.uk Thank you! Brittany
  3. Site URL: https://www.weefolk.co Hello, I have a website selling one product and have enabled express checkout. I wanted to also put a 'purchase button' in the navigation. weefolk.co (live site, no password) I had placed a button in the secondary navigation and it seemed to work (in theory). I created it by making a link using the url that appeared when utilizing the offical product buy button further down the page. When you'd click on it, it would in fact open up the quick checkout space...BUT now that the site has gone live, I don't' know if that using that hack method will cause issues by carrying some tracking link with it or other issue i haven't thought of...is there a 'clean way' of adding a buy button to the secondary navigation? I'm using the brine family template Thanks!
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