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  1. Sorry @tuanphan, here is the correct URL: https://www.jessbailey.com.au/shop/p/rose-gold-desktop-image-3 Although it isn't just this product and link where it happens, it is any time the image is vertical thumb nail in the shop, it is still cropped as a horizontal product image...
  2. Thanks @tuanphan that's awesome! Last question on this - is there a way to make the actual product view also responsive to the photo size? The code you gave me works amazingly on the thumbnail view, but the actual product is still cropped to "standard 2:3". For example, this photo is showing as vertical on the thumbnail, but cropped for the product view: https://www.jessbailey.com.au/stock-photos/p/rose-gold-desktop-image-3 If I am asking too much please let me know! Thanks again for your help 🙂
  3. Hi @tuanphan - just thought I would post my question here too, as I wasn't sure you would see it on the other thread... This thread really seems to be exactly what I am searching for.. If you could help that would be amazing. Here is my original question: I sell stock photos and art that are both vertical and horizontal and it would be amazing if the products in Squarespace could show either orientation depending on the product itself! I have emailed support about this, as now that I am thinking of it, it seems rather silly - given they have themes for artists and photographers! And I image this would suit a lot of other people.... My site is www.jessbailey.com.au and the stock photos on this page are both vertical and horizontal, but they all get cropped to one style only for the shop view and the product view... https://www.jessbailey.com.au/stock-photos
  4. Hi there @tuanphan🙂 You helped me so much in the past, I was hoping you could help again? I have added a new grid gallery to my site, which shows 3 images across on desktop, but only 2 on mobile. Can you help me make it show all three images across on mobile too?

    The link is https://snail-groundhog-6tzy.squarespace.com/link-in-bio and the password is jessbailey

    Thank you!! 🙂 

    1. tuanphan


      I've been sick lately, trying to deal with every email this week.
      You can post on forum or send your questions to my email.
      I will check soon.

    2. JessBailey


      Sorry to hear that 😞 I’ll email you, but no hurry to get back to me 🙂 

  5. Hi again @tuanphan - hoping you can help me again? I replied to this post because I am changing fonts on my website to custom fonts. I have gone through and isolated the code to change almost all the appearances of fonts (product details, navigation, breadcrumbs etc), but there is one element that has me totally stumped! Here is a link to the shop page https://snail-groundhog-6tzy.squarespace.com/shop (do you need the password?) - I would like to change the title of the thumbnail product to my custom font... I cannot work out how to isolate that particular label! I've tried lots of things but nothing has worked. I usually enter it in custom css as something like .products-list {font-family: the-lodge;} but I can't work out the class for this heading. Are you able to help again? Thanks sooo much!!
  6. Wow thank you so much @tuanphan!! Perfect 🙂 Cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help!
  7. Hi @tuanphan - I see you have been helping soo many people with this issue! Can you please help me as well?? Similar to people above, I'd like my banner to stay full width so it can be viewed properly on mobile. When I use the code with width:100% it works, but with that large space. I tried to code you gave to someone else, modifying it for me, but it won't work. I'm definitely not a pro at coding! Any help would be so appreciated. My site is still in trial mode, so the URL is: https://snail-groundhog-6tzy.squarespace.com and the password to view it is just: jessbailey Thank you sooo much!!
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