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  1. Sounds good! They are all added now, thank you!
  2. I can add image blocks next to the text blocks but not under them. I don't know how to do that 😞 . Would adding image blocks next to the text blocks work? EDIT: I could also do something like this (screenshot), where I add an image block and the caption text over it with "Overlap" . Does that work better?
  3. Site URL: https://www.kelseyeaton.com/ Hi! I want to add an image reveal when you hover over a text link in a section of my home page like the demo below. I have a business plan, if that helps. I'm not a developer, so if you can explain like I'm five years old how to do this that it would be much appreciated! Haha! I have attached the images that I want to use to this post (titles of images align with the text link they belong to). My Home Page (scroll down to "Selected Works" section for the list of text links): https://www.kelseyeaton.com/ Demo: https://tympanus.net/Development/RapidImageHoverMenuEffects/index2.html GitHub Files: https://github.com/codrops/RapidImageHoverMenuEffects/
  4. AMAZING! Thank you! For anyone else who needs a step-by-step: I have a business plan (this code might be different for personal plans). In your menu, go to the page you want to change the background color on, then click on the cog to the right of the page name that's "Page Settings". Then go Page Settings > Advanced > Copy and Paste the code above. Add the Hex code of the color you want in place of "red". In my case it's "#f6f6f6".
  5. @tuanphan I have a business plan, but the code that you've outlined above doesn't work when I inject it in Page Settings > Advanced > Header. I'm not a developer, so I might be missing something, can you explain like I'm 5 years old? This is the page I would like to change the color of: https://www.kelseyeaton.com/thank-you (no password needed) I would like the background color to be #F6F6F6, do I just put that in place of "red" in your code? Thank you! EDIT: I do have a custom cursor, outlined in this forum post. Could that be causing the issue?
  6. THIS IS AMAZINGGGG! It totally works! For anyone looking to add this you have to add it here on your site (as outlined in rwp's notes): Settings -> Advanced -> Code Injection The only thing I changed was the font (see attached screen shot). The new injected code changed my body copy font to "Neutron" and so I changed it back to "Aktiv Grotesk" and tweaked the font weight, line height, etc. in the injected code.
  7. Hey thanks for your reply, I just upgraded! I'm totally not a developer so any extra explanation you think is helpful is much appreciated!
  8. Site URL: https://www.kelseyeaton.com/ Hi! I'm trying to customize my cursor to be a circle that inverts the content inside it. Just like this website: https://www.satupelkonen.com/ (except the whole images doesn't need to be inverted on hover, just what's inside the circle). I found this JSFiddle project that does something similar: https://jsfiddle.net/p1ja0n8r/ But I'm not a developer, and am hoping that someone can explain how to do this like I'm five years old. If it's even possible in SquareSpace? THANK YOUUUU! ScreenRecording.mov
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