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  1. You're an absoloute gentleman. That worked perfectly. Thank you very much! :)
  2. Thank you - that works a treat.The only downside is that on desktop, there's a white box that appears where thte text should be. I can't seem to turn this off in the settings. Thanks for your help so far - honestly, it's really appreciated - but is there anything I can do about this? Many thanks, Sean
  3. It's these I want to get rid of. I'm led to believe they act as alt tags. But I don't want them visable.
  4. https://deadly.ie/studio At the moment you can see titles and descriptions. I'd love to hide the titles but the CSS code I've found online just hides the description.
  5. Hi all, I'm looking to hide the title (and maybe the description) of the images in my gallery pages so that I can better use the alt tags. I'm using the Wells Theme and I have about 100 images across 4 galleries. I am ranking poorly in my local area and I want to improve this. I don't think anyone wants to read 'photo of model X at Deadly Studios, Dublin. She is looking away from the camera with red and green lighting illuminating her face.' etc. Any advice?I've seen other solutions, but none have worked for me so far. I'm assuming I need a code workaround? Many thanks, Sean
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