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  1. Site URL: https://cricket-bellflower-3xhg.squarespace.com/ I have two sites, both for the same client - the old one i created (7.0), its on my ss account, the second one I also created (7.1). The first has been fine, working well, domain is there, all good. I am now ready to switch from the old to the new site, and I am going in to the old (currently live) site to the domain settings to shift it but there is no option to "move domain to another site". I have definitely just purchased the 12 months subscription for the new site on 7.1 so I know its there. Is this just a silly lag thing
  2. thank you, this worked perfectly. Many many thanks!
  3. Site URL: https://cricket-bellflower-3xhg.squarespace.com Is it possible to add a hover-state color change to my menu on the main navigation? at the moment the menu items don't 'highlight' to show when you've rolled a mouse or otherwise navigated between menu and sub-menu options. I am using Euclid on 7.1 Thanks.
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