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  1. Hi Claudia, You can do this with the Magic Zoom extension for Squarespace: https://www.magictoolbox.com/magiczoom/modules/squarespace/ After installing it, set the zoom position to inner. The code would look similar to this: <a href="large.jpg" class="MagicZoom" data-options="zoomPosition: inner"><img src="small.jpg"></a> David
  2. Hi @IveGotQuestions! Magic Zoom Plus is designed to work with Squarespace product page only. The zoom effect can be applied to non-product images but requires customizing the integration on your website. Email us via our website for free support and our Technical team will complete the integration for you.
  3. You can zoom into Squarespace images and enlarge them in a lightbox with Magic Zoom Plus. We've create a special Squarespace script so that its easy to install. You can download a free trial and email our support team if you need any help. https://www.magictoolbox.com/magiczoomplus/modules/squarespace/ You can use it to swap a main image, like the animation below or you can show lots of larger thumbnails and each of them can be zoomable independently. DavidMagic Toolbox
  4. Hi David, The Forte template isn't customizable enough to feature interactive 360 spins in the porfolio gallery, but you can use GIFs. You can convert spins to GIFs by simply adding ?image to the end of your spin URL, example - https://davidmurphy.sirv.com/Images/Bookend/Bookend.spin?image - then simply right click it and save to your hard drive. Alternatively, you can go to your Sirv account, find the 360 spin and right click it -> then choose the "Download as GIF" option. Then go to Pages -> Galleries -> Product -> Add images or and simply upload the GIF of your spin.
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