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  1. Hi Tuan, I've sent you an email through your form 😉 Thank you in advance! Cheers, Marcin
  2. @MMEbyKiandraTrickett Just want to let you know that I've managed to make it mobile-responsive, or at least; my goal was to have the counters being displayed below one another on mobile 😉 I added this code to the <style> section: @media only screen and (max-width: 768px) { /* For mobile phones: */ [class*="col_"] { width: 100%; } [class*="wrapper"] { width: 50%; } Hope this helps!
  3. OK, thanks anyhow. @tuanphan do you by any chance have an idea how to make this responsive on mobile devices? Appreciate your help, thank you very much 🙂
  4. Hi all, Did you manage to make this mobile responsive? If so, how? Thanks in advance for your help! 😉
  5. Hi, I am having some trouble with adding shadow to a section image. For some reason after adding the shadow strange white dotted lines appear around the image. Any idea how to avoid this? Thanks in advance! https://poodle-clavichord-atde.squarespace.com/ password: 123test
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