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  1. I have been invited to be a contributer to a clients squarespace website with Commerce 7 integrated with it however when accepted the site is not showing on my Squarespace dashboard like it usually would.
  2. Thanks Ziggy - I am trying change all instances of one colour to another in all themes - rather than going through and manually changing each instance of the colour. Is there a way to do this that you are aware of? Also, you can see in the screen shot below that I have a dark colour set to the bottom right yet the buttons are not utilising this colour, they are instead a staight black? This doesn't make sense to me why this is happening? Do you know why and how I can fix this?
  3. How on earth do you remove the styling added to many different buttons and forms accross a site? I have set the pallete up and now want the blocks / elements to reset to those rather than keep their individual styling. Is there a way?
  4. Thankyou! The link to the front end page is https://www.propelsa.com.au/propel-sa-board-members and link to the back end of same page is https://owl-violet-t48x.squarespace.com/config/pages Is that what you need?
  5. I've set the colour pallete correctly, with the lightest colour in the top left and the darkest colour in the bottom right however, in the colour themes bright #1 and #2, the links (which should be pulling from the lightest colour in the site-wide pallete) is a straight white. Does anyone know how to bulk edit a colour (in this case that white I want to be rid of) within a theme to instead become the lightest colour within the site-wide palette? See the below screenshots to hopefully understand if I'm not making sense!
  6. I want to hide 1 person (Duncan Redman) from this simple list 'people' section on my page, rather than delete him entirely as I may need him back in it. Is this possible does anyone know? Page slug is: propel-sa-board-members
  7. BACKGROUND My clients website is a shop for selling international art tours. Each tour is set up: an event A service product for tour deposit and; A service product for final payment (password protected as the client doesn't want their itineraries to be made public) I'm trying to get tour attendees to sign up to their specific tour mailing list (from the deposit purchase stage) so my client can send email campaigns to them specifically for tour correspondence until departure. ISSUE I can't find a way to ensure that at deposit product checkout, they tick their agreement and offer their email for sign up to their tours mailing list. I've considered trying checkout forms - but they only allow for sign up to ONE mailing list (as far as im aware anyway) I've not found any form field in the product custom form area to add a mailing list subscription there either. PLEA FOR URGENT HELP! can anyone help?!
  8. @Lesum Do you have any idea how to decrease the padding between those two columns on mobile view for a simple list? ALSO WONDERING RE SIMPLE LISTS.... (On desktop and mobile view) Do you know how to stop the gaps between the rows (I imagine this is due to the length of the entry into the opposing column.)
  9. I have multiple blog pages and would like to add to ONE summary block to display all their posts at once. I can't find a way to do this, is there code to make this happen?
  10. Was this resolved? I have the same issues. used the debugger, no help. currently waiting for support to assist....
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