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  1. Hi all, When sending out a campaign, I was wondering if it were possible to include individual messages to each person when sending it to your list? I have a client who wants to create campaigns but wants to write a personalised message which appears in the email body, with the generic campaign following it.
  2. I'm trying to remove the banner overlay from ONE page only in Brine. The page is not within an index. I've tried everything, now ready to throw computer. Please help.
  3. You are a total legend! Thanks so much, that has worked perfectly 🙂
  4. Hi, I'm trying to remove the site logo from all pages EXCEPT the homepage on my Brine site. Does any one have code for this?
  5. Thanks Paul, this worked perfectly. Appreciate your time taken to respond!
  6. Hello, I am creating a website for a business networking organisation. I want to put all their members names on the website under their industry categories and then add a search option to the 'members' page to make finding them easy. Could anyone please describe the process to me on how to make this possible? I am having trouble understanding how to make this work. At the moment I have created a blog post for each category (eg: IT services) and added each member who works in IT services to that blog post. I have added a category called 'IT services' to that blog post. When I added the search
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