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  1. Have you found a solution yet ? Anyone can help us with this ? Thank you !!
  2. Site URL: https://kindstudio.fr/shop Hey, I'm trying to find a way to redirect users to a specific page (shop page with all products) when they click on add-to-cart from a product page. Example of product page : https://kindstudio.fr/shop/apron Redirection wanted : https://kindstudio.fr/shop Any help would be appreciate here 🙂 Robin
  3. Hey, I did add the following code but it doesn't seem to work on mobile. Thanks for your help ! Robin @media screen and (max-width:640px) { label:checked+.ProductList-filter-list { display: flex; } /* tout */ .ProductList-filter-list-item:nth-child(1) { order: 1; } .ProductList-filter-list-item:nth-child(2) { order: 5; } .ProductList-filter-list-item:nth-child(3) { order: 6; } .ProductList-filter-list-item:nth-child(4) { order: 4; } /* top - chemises */ .ProductList-filter-list-item:nth-child(5) {
  4. Thank you so much it's working !! How can I implement this on mobile as well ?
  5. As below- Thank you so much for your help ! 0. Tout 1. Vestes 2. Tops & chemises 3. Robes 4. Pantalons 5. Pyjama
  6. Site URL: https://kindstudio.fr/shop Hi, I'm trying to reorder the categories from my shop page. I've already tried a few replies from the forum but it doesn't seem to work on Brine template. Here's the link to the website I'm working on: https://kindstudio.fr/shop Thanks for your help ! Robin
  7. Hello everyone, I'm trying to display my navigation menu vertically instead of horizontally on my website : https://coconut-bagpipe-9nzc.squarespace.com/home I would highly appreciate your help as I've been trying for a few days to find this out ! Thank you Robin
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