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  1. Site URL: https://www.takeoffconcept.ch Hi, I've reported an issue to Squarespace which they are apparently aware of. I'm actually not able to change the link of my header button through the link box editor (see screenshot). The change just won't apply. In the meantime they are working on this issue, the person on the chat has suggested me to ask for help here. Can anyone help me keep the button and force another ahref through custom code ? Thank you ! Robin
  2. Site URL: https://charlesjenny.ch Hey, I've been trying to set up my own cursor on my website. A big crosshair. Here is the code I've used, including the active URL to my png (not live now - as it was not working I've replaced it with HTML basic crosshair -> cursor : haircross) : body, html { cursor: url(https://zupimages.net/up/21/09/t5pr.png), auto; } The code is working but the pointing zone of my PNG file is not centered. For example, Thomas Le Provost — About, the custom cursor changes to the "hand" only when the center of the crosshair is hovering a clicking zone. And the hand would also appears as where the center of the cross is. The same does not happen to my custom crosshair. The pointing zone is not the center and the hand appears on the above left side on my cross. Thank you very much for your help ! Robin
  3. @bangank36 would you have any suggestion to apply such change ? Thank you!
  4. Hey thank you for your help. Actually not really. I want to change the price displayed to price + custom text. For example "E220" to "220 Euros - Hors taxe"
  5. Site URL: https://kindstudio.fr/shop Hi, I've a price issue with my squarespace site I'm hoping to solve with some help here :) I'm willing to manually change the price displayed on my shop page (Shop — KIND STUDIO) and on the product page (Chemise WILLY — KIND STUDIO). Is there any JavaScript code that could do the job ? Thank you ! Robin
  6. Have you found a solution yet ? Anyone can help us with this ? Thank you !!
  7. Site URL: https://kindstudio.fr/shop Hey, I'm trying to find a way to redirect users to a specific page (shop page with all products) when they click on add-to-cart from a product page. Example of product page : https://kindstudio.fr/shop/apron Redirection wanted : https://kindstudio.fr/shop Any help would be appreciate here 🙂 Robin
  8. Hey, I did add the following code but it doesn't seem to work on mobile. Thanks for your help ! Robin @media screen and (max-width:640px) { label:checked+.ProductList-filter-list { display: flex; } /* tout */ .ProductList-filter-list-item:nth-child(1) { order: 1; } .ProductList-filter-list-item:nth-child(2) { order: 5; } .ProductList-filter-list-item:nth-child(3) { order: 6; } .ProductList-filter-list-item:nth-child(4) { order: 4; } /* top - chemises */ .ProductList-filter-list-item:nth-child(5) { order: 3; } .ProductList-filter-list-item:nth-child(6) { order: 2; } }
  9. Thank you so much it's working !! How can I implement this on mobile as well ?
  10. As below- Thank you so much for your help ! 0. Tout 1. Vestes 2. Tops & chemises 3. Robes 4. Pantalons 5. Pyjama
  11. Site URL: https://kindstudio.fr/shop Hi, I'm trying to reorder the categories from my shop page. I've already tried a few replies from the forum but it doesn't seem to work on Brine template. Here's the link to the website I'm working on: https://kindstudio.fr/shop Thanks for your help ! Robin
  12. Hello everyone, I'm trying to display my navigation menu vertically instead of horizontally on my website : https://coconut-bagpipe-9nzc.squarespace.com/home I would highly appreciate your help as I've been trying for a few days to find this out ! Thank you Robin
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