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  1. Thanks! Visually that was exactly what I was after. But there's two big problems with this method: 1. The first case after the Hero Case gets hidden, guessing behind the hero case. It reappears when viewing on a phone an all cases gets stacked one by one. 2. When viewing the site on a phone all cases gets scaled 50% in width except the Hero Case.
  2. Hi I'm using the York template and trying to style the index page. The idea is to have a hero project first and then two columns with the rest of the projects. So similar to the Style sitting "INDEX : LAYOUT / Item width : Full / Alternate Widths : Yes But instead of having: 1 full width project , 2 columns, 1, 2, 1, 2... it's: 1 full width project , 2 columns, 2,2,2... Makes sense? Don't want it alternating between full width and two columns. Tried with a banner but can't insert a project there. Does anyone know if it's possible to achieve this or is it possible to do with an other template?
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