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  1. Site URL: https://www.peterbjerg.dk/blog Hi Squarespace community, This one has been nagging me! On my blog page, where all blog posts are listed as excerpts, the title and "read more" both works as links to the individual posts. But the images on the blog page, HOW do I make them work as links too? The images are inserted via Edit Post > Options > Thumbnail Image. I am able to code myself, but I can do code injection, if I know exactly which code to inject, and also need to know where it should be injected. The site in question is a 7.0 site (Wells templat
  2. Site URL: https://arenastrategy.squarespace.com/thinking-blog How do I add padding to top of Blog page in version 7.1? On a blog page, I added a section above the blog-page content. And now the section with all the blog post has VERY little padding/top spacing compared to how all sections looks across this side. I cant/not possible to add blocks within the blog-section, I guess I need code to manually set the padding for this section? How? site/page is here: https://arenastrategy.squarespace.com/thinking-blog Password is: Arenasite I dont know code-language mysel
  3. Wonderfull, THAT worked!! Could you also tell me what code to add to center the image/alt logo horizontally?
  4. @tuanphan I tried, but it did not work. Site: https://arenastrategy.squarespace.com/cover-page Password: Arenasite All together, the exiting code for this page is: <style> /* hide footer */ footer#footer-sections { display: none; } /* remove padding top first section */ article>section:First-child { padding-top: 0 !important; } /* hide burger menu */ .burger-box, .header-nav-list, .header-actions { display:none !important; } /* hide logo */ .header-title-logo img { visibility: hidden; } </
  5. Hi @tuanphan, Can I use this script for a version 7.1 site too? Client want different color site logo ONLY on landing page/"cover page". I also need to know how to center the logo. I should change the image location url to what ever I get as url adress from uploading alt version of site logo, correct?
  6. hi @brandon Could you tell me how to make item-description with top alignment when text/image is shown in "simple slide show" Slideshow on this site/page: https://arenastrategy.squarespace.com/approach password: Arenasite And other ways to make descriptions appear closer and same distance from image, no matter how long the description is Is it this part of the code, I should change? .gallery-slideshow, .gallery-fullscreen-slideshow, .gallery-reel { .gallery-item-description { padding: 12px 12px; width: 65%; align-content:
  7. Site URL: https://arena-2.squarespace.com/home/#offering Hello all 🙂 In a MARK DOWN BLOCK, I want to set text styling of select text as "small paragraph". So that this text will look like what ever design "small paragraph" to look like in Design/Font.... https://arena-2.squarespace.com/home/#offering Password for site: Arenasite In the Mark Down block text editor, I have the choice to set select text as H1, H2 or nothing? But maybe, there is a basic html code I can insert, that will style select text to be a certain (pre-set) paragraph? If, not, maybe I
  8. Site URL: https://arena-2.squarespace.com/approach How can I style image caption text only for select words? I want the first couple of words in bold. Can I add html directly into the image caption/image description? Does @tuanphan or @brandon or @paul2009 (or other genies) site: https://arena-2.squarespace.com/approach password: Arenasite
  9. see what @brandon wrote in this other thread: https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/151777-gallery-caption-workarounds-for-71-round-two/
  10. Hi @brandon MAYBE this is just what I need. Not sure yet. This code has great styling of text for light box view, BUT.. I need to show my gallery in Simple Slideshow mode. And in this mode, the image description text is missing the semi-transparent backgound box, and also, the text appears as one long line and doesnt include all the text. Can you help me to correct the script, so that I will get all the text in a nice way in Simple Slideshow view? Site: https://arena-2.squarespace.com/approach 4th section (only slide show gallery on that page). Password: Arenasite
  11. Thanks for thinking along 🙂. I guess a more simple solution would be using the different images that each contain all 3 squares but in different order. So instead of Interactive shifting between singular squares placed in layers, I would have premade images of each set. I don’t want slide show, but shifting images by clicking on a stack. THAT should be possible, right?
  12. Hmm. I guess I would need to place the three images differently, so that clicking changes order and size change isn’t necessary. Unless some really advanced feature is possible for making interactive graphics.
  13. Site URL: https://arena-2.squarespace.com/approach Help needed. I want to make one figure out of three different overlapping images. Each image being clickable. And when one image/layer is clicked, then it comes to the front. how could I do this?
  14. With this transparency turned OFF 😞 .tweak-transparent-header:not(.header--menu-open) .header-announcement-bar-wrapper { background: transparent !important; }
  15. @tuanphan Hmm... Transparency only works on some of the pages. For example, on this page: https://amal-testsite.squarespace.com/services2 The header background turns solid black???
  16. Site URL: https://amal-testsite.squarespace.com Hi all In Squarespace 7.1, there is already build in options to choice both “fixed position” and “transparent” in EDIT SITE HEADER. BUT, it doesn’t work. When header is fixed, then transparency doesn’t work. Instead Is has default or choosen background color. so how do I set or code to get transparent header/navigation menu when it’s also fixed? test site: https://amal-testsite.squarespace.com password is: abcabc
  17. Thans Paul & others. Figured it out with the help of Tuaphan (SS Circle hero). Used this script: <script> document.querySelector('.header-title-logo a').setAttribute('href', '/home'); </script>
  18. Yes the site is https://arena-2.squarespace.com, its pasword protected with: Arenasite I presumes code should inject into footer, is that correct?
  19. What to do (which code) for sites made in Squarespace 7.1? Code examples above do not work
  20. Hi Paul, 

    I saw your reply to my exact problem in anoter thread, but maybe I can ask you here, so that you see my request instantly :-).


    MY PROBLEM. I need to make a code injection to make a SITE ICON point to a different page on the site (and not the HOMEPAGE). 

    The code you sugest in that other thread, doesnt work for the AVENUE template (or maybe I need aditional info). 


    Can you help?

    Sincerely... Peter




  21. I have the same problem with the AVENUE template. Id like to ask Paul2009 and others, if they now a code, that works with AVENUE (to make site icon link, NOT to the homepage (the cover page), but to my index page (or any other, for that sake). I have used another code injection for another site, that actually makes the site icon link to chosen page, but with Avenue, something else is messed up, so that the index page malfunctions.
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