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  1. Site URL: https://arenastrategy.squarespace.com/thinking-blog How do I add padding to top of Blog page in version 7.1? On a blog page, I added a section above the blog-page content. And now the section with all the blog post has VERY little padding/top spacing compared to how all sections looks across this side. I cant/not possible to add blocks within the blog-section, I guess I need code to manually set the padding for this section? How? site/page is here: https://arenastrategy.squarespace.com/thinking-blog Password is: Arenasite I dont know code-language mysel
  2. Wonderfull, THAT worked!! Could you also tell me what code to add to center the image/alt logo horizontally?
  3. @tuanphan I tried, but it did not work. Site: https://arenastrategy.squarespace.com/cover-page Password: Arenasite All together, the exiting code for this page is: <style> /* hide footer */ footer#footer-sections { display: none; } /* remove padding top first section */ article>section:First-child { padding-top: 0 !important; } /* hide burger menu */ .burger-box, .header-nav-list, .header-actions { display:none !important; } /* hide logo */ .header-title-logo img { visibility: hidden; } </
  4. Hi @tuanphan, Can I use this script for a version 7.1 site too? Client want different color site logo ONLY on landing page/"cover page". I also need to know how to center the logo. I should change the image location url to what ever I get as url adress from uploading alt version of site logo, correct?
  5. hi @brandon Could you tell me how to make item-description with top alignment when text/image is shown in "simple slide show" Slideshow on this site/page: https://arenastrategy.squarespace.com/approach password: Arenasite And other ways to make descriptions appear closer and same distance from image, no matter how long the description is Is it this part of the code, I should change? .gallery-slideshow, .gallery-fullscreen-slideshow, .gallery-reel { .gallery-item-description { padding: 12px 12px; width: 65%; align-content:
  6. Site URL: https://arena-2.squarespace.com/home/#offering Hello all ๐Ÿ™‚ In a MARK DOWN BLOCK, I want to set text styling of select text as "small paragraph". So that this text will look like what ever design "small paragraph" to look like in Design/Font.... https://arena-2.squarespace.com/home/#offering Password for site: Arenasite In the Mark Down block text editor, I have the choice to set select text as H1, H2 or nothing? But maybe, there is a basic html code I can insert, that will style select text to be a certain (pre-set) paragraph? If, not, maybe I
  7. Site URL: https://arena-2.squarespace.com/approach How can I style image caption text only for select words? I want the first couple of words in bold. Can I add html directly into the image caption/image description? Does @tuanphan or @brandon or @paul2009 (or other genies) site: https://arena-2.squarespace.com/approach password: Arenasite
  8. see what @brandon wrote in this other thread: https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/151777-gallery-caption-workarounds-for-71-round-two/
  9. Hi @brandon MAYBE this is just what I need. Not sure yet. This code has great styling of text for light box view, BUT.. I need to show my gallery in Simple Slideshow mode. And in this mode, the image description text is missing the semi-transparent backgound box, and also, the text appears as one long line and doesnt include all the text. Can you help me to correct the script, so that I will get all the text in a nice way in Simple Slideshow view? Site: https://arena-2.squarespace.com/approach 4th section (only slide show gallery on that page). Password: Arenasite
  10. Thanks for thinking along ๐Ÿ™‚. I guess a more simple solution would be using the different images that each contain all 3 squares but in different order. So instead of Interactive shifting between singular squares placed in layers, I would have premade images of each set. I donโ€™t want slide show, but shifting images by clicking on a stack. THAT should be possible, right?
  11. Hmm. I guess I would need to place the three images differently, so that clicking changes order and size change isnโ€™t necessary. Unless some really advanced feature is possible for making interactive graphics.
  12. Site URL: https://arena-2.squarespace.com/approach Help needed. I want to make one figure out of three different overlapping images. Each image being clickable. And when one image/layer is clicked, then it comes to the front. how could I do this?
  13. With this transparency turned OFF ๐Ÿ˜ž .tweak-transparent-header:not(.header--menu-open) .header-announcement-bar-wrapper { background: transparent !important; }
  14. @tuanphan Hmm... Transparency only works on some of the pages. For example, on this page: https://amal-testsite.squarespace.com/services2 The header background turns solid black???
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