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  1. Thans Paul & others. Figured it out with the help of Tuaphan (SS Circle hero). Used this script: <script> document.querySelector('.header-title-logo a').setAttribute('href', '/home'); </script>
  2. Yes the site is https://arena-2.squarespace.com, its pasword protected with: Arenasite I presumes code should inject into footer, is that correct?
  3. What to do (which code) for sites made in Squarespace 7.1? Code examples above do not work
  4. Hi Paul, 

    I saw your reply to my exact problem in anoter thread, but maybe I can ask you here, so that you see my request instantly :-).


    MY PROBLEM. I need to make a code injection to make a SITE ICON point to a different page on the site (and not the HOMEPAGE). 

    The code you sugest in that other thread, doesnt work for the AVENUE template (or maybe I need aditional info). 


    Can you help?

    Sincerely... Peter




  5. I have the same problem with the AVENUE template. Id like to ask Paul2009 and others, if they now a code, that works with AVENUE (to make site icon link, NOT to the homepage (the cover page), but to my index page (or any other, for that sake). I have used another code injection for another site, that actually makes the site icon link to chosen page, but with Avenue, something else is messed up, so that the index page malfunctions.
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