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  1. I have been looking for an answer for this as well! I have sites with individual translated texts that I'd like to have tagged in that langeuage so that if somebody using a screen reader will catch the correct way to read it out loud. I have sites in Finnish and they have some sections in Swedish and English, would be very essential go get those parts listed correctly.
  2. Looks good! Paragraph font is very small and had to zoom in on my browser to be able to read it. Loving the colors and the visual feel you have on your site. I'd recommend to increase the base size of all the fonts. I'm using iMac Pro which has a big screen, and it didn't help. I also agree with Justin414 that the text color versus the background color is lacking contrast. Perhaps make those white or make the background darker? waste consciousness and mindful consumption.
  3. Hello! I'm curious to see how you have used moving gifs on Squarespace 7.1 and have you had any problems on viewing on mobile devices those? I'm planning on making a team page that would have all the team-members goofing around in small gifs. So if you have used gif / gifs on your Squarespace 7.1 I'd love to see, send a link please! 🌿 Thanks! Best, Kerttu
  4. Site URL: https://www.noitadigital.com Hello everyone! I'd need some build-in English translated. Can you recommend some ways to do this? Firstly I'm looking fro solutions for 7.1 sites, but also interested hearing how people have done it in 7.0 system. I manage few Finnish sites that have some build in-english words every here and there. Those sites that are in 7.0 and have language issues are on tempaltes: Rally, Horizon, York & Keene. In Europe time & dates are usually in format DD MM YYYY, so I'd love to find a way to make dates also look "normal" for my Finnish eyes. So that date would be marked 18.6.2020 or 18. kesäkuu 2020. I'm not a coder, but I'd love to learn to do this and I'm also interested studying coding to go further with Squarespace sites, but I'm not sure where to start. Things I'd need to be translated are months, dates, "Read more"-buttons, "Previous", "Next" , "Search" January & Jan. -> tammikuu February & Feb. -> helmikuu March & Mar. -> maaliskuu April & Apr. -> huhtikuu May -> toukokuu June & Jun. -> kesäkuu July & Jul. -> heinäkuu August & Aug. -> elokuu September & Sep. -> syyskuu October & Oct. -> lokakuu November & Nov. -> marraskuu December & Dec. -> joulukuu Monday & Mon -> maanantai & ma Tuesday & Tue -> tiistai & ti Wednesday & Web -> keskiviikko & ke Thursday & Thu -> torstai & to Friday & Fri -> perjantai & pe Saturday & Sat -> lauantai & la Sunday & Sun -> sunnuntai & su Read more -> Lue lisää Show less -> Näytä vähemmän Previous -> Edellinen Next -> Seuraava Search -> Etsi I'm also opening a webstore on my site soon-ish and I bet it's going to be also full of build-in english - I wonder that if I find a way to fix those language issues, could it make the store-side more vulnerable for security risks? Thanks! Greetings from Finland! 🌿 Best wishes, Kerttu
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