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  1. Hey @jack185, wondering how you solved this, you code isn't showing in your last message.
  2. Yeah, it would be nice to have this type of functionality built in. To be able to have a form on the bottom of multiple pages that isn't built into the footer. You can hack your bio issue by making it a blog post and using a summary block to pull it into pages. It could just be a blog with only that if you don't have a blog or want it mixed in with other blog content. Then you'd only have to update it one places, but you'd still have to manually add/remove it from any page it's on.
  3. @paul2009 do you have any suggestions for this site, on the Brine template: sunfoundation.org I tried: span.Header-nav-item.Header-nav-item--folder { max-width: 140px; } It worked in the site editor, but when I viewed the live site everything overlapped (see attached). In the editor, I also couldn't figure out how to adjust the spacing between links. As the browser window narrows News drops to a new line. Thanks for your help!
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