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  1. Site URL: https://labelvisuals.com Take a look and be as honest as can be, please. I want to have clear messaging, cohesive flow, clean design, ease of use, speed, etc. Please also feel free to click around and check out the team page, contact page, etc. THANK YOU!
  2. looks better than many others I've reviewed recently. found a spacing error on a paragraph and the messaging seems very self-focused instead of patient focused--not sure if you did the copy. Team pictures don't all match, mainly the female picture, kind bothers me but I'm just picky. Also, they are taken at different distances (unless their heads are significantly different sizes in real life).
  3. I like 7.1 and I have used both. I think it has some limitations but it gets better and is much smoother
  4. look up "above the fold" as a design concept in websites then evaluate yours. it doesn't offer much but a "sign in" link that is tiny, not in contrasting color which makes it hard to read, and then makes me feel left out because I have no idea who gets to sign in and why but I do know it doesn't include me. Also, more images, please. I used to design websites, now I do only product photography. http://labelvisuals.com. Feel free to take a look.
  5. delay messenger pop up. the word "services" is split on my screen size 13" laptop. a lot---a lot--- of words all squished in to one section without icons or "walk me through it" design.
  6. wayyyyyy too many words to kick off the first impression. walk me through the experience of your art instead of slamming me with words, please. try to thingk of your design as art you can experience through scroll.
  7. The main banner image looks awesome--totally fits. The rest of the images on the homepage look like an old IG feed taken with an iPhone--not sure if this is what you're going for or not
  8. When arriving on the site I am greeted by so.many.words. Maybe break it up--I don't want to read all that at my first impression--woo me a little and make me want to know more then I'll do the work. Make the buttons contracting colors. The teal green color is pretty much all that stands out and it's all over. choose a color to pop, the soft pink hardly counts, I'd go more with an orange or soothing yellow/gold.
  9. Took too long to load & The main banner or any white font on pink is difficult to read but most importantly: PVC is THE WORST for our planet earth, worst to produce, absolutely never good to touch food or groceries, and is toxic to earth forever in landfills. Please do not even give those things away.
  10. Put a delay on the pop-up--I don't know if I want the discount yet because I don't even know if I connect with your brand yet. Create a favicon. The double announcement bar seems heavy handed. Logo title too big, nav options too small. Also, a custom logo would be nice. Psychology says use positive language: "don't forget..."--make it "remember, shipping is free" Look up what an orphan is for paragraph design--avoid having orphan words in your design. Your above the fold impression is very wordy--no pictures or initial feelings, nothing to make you stand out or make me want to scroll. I would do away with the "Explore" words floating over your sections add privacy policy in footer and shipping info or FAQ as resources "Your bestsellers"--I'd just say "Bestsellers"
  11. I think your messaging needs some work--It seems very wordy and not on par with the vibe of a website meant to offer resources for help, but rather more of a lecture. I suggest reading up on messaging and establishing a tone that goes along with what I think you're trying to achieve as a simple-easy-to-use resource. Ex: instead of having a video that says "play me for an introduction to excel questions" just say "Excel Q's 101" or "FAQ" or "Intro to Excel" or something of that sort. I also felt bombarded by two giant black intruding cookie boxes. Hurts user experience.
  12. ironically to the service she provides, I feel like the overall feeling of the site is cluttered. The pictures kind of turn me in that direction and the logo as well. the title fonts and drop shadow on the fonts make it hard to read and the flow isn't quite there for me. I hope this helps.
  13. Site URL: https://labelvisuals.com I want to make a slider out of image cards for my "Process" section on my homepage. I made a mock version for now but on mobile it doesn't split the image from the text so it won't work as is. I need code for all five of my image cards to be made into a slider that auto-plays and can be toggled through using arrows, please pretty please--any advice? Squarespace has this on their site:
  14. Nope. I was able to make a slider of images that included words as part of the image (like a photo of words and photo) but this looks wayyyyy too small on mobile. I'd love the code for a side by side like the picture above. Also, no luck at all for the overlay either. Any advice?
  15. Site URL: http://labelvisuals.com please let me know all your thoughts--won't hurt my feelings, I really want this to be good.
  16. Site URL: http://labelvisuals.com "https://www.squarespace.com/yi-mei-truxesThis Squarespace webpage that displays a featured site: Is the main header banner with the moving box around her face--is this a video or gif or any ideas on how I can replicate for my work?""Also, the section where I can arrow over in the black square but the right side shows pictures that change when I arrow over too--how do I do that?
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