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  1. Hi Pali, Thanks for your prompt reply. I tried the steps you suggested above, and as it stands the code is embedded in my page. However, after logging out and reloading the page, nothing comes up. I've even tried to dump my cache (assuming it was the browser not refreshing updates on past pages), but even that didn't work. Any other thoughts? Matt
  2. Hi all! I'm trying to embed some code from Society6 to display prints for sale on my Squarespace site. The code: <script type="text/javascript"><!-- s6_user = "mattmatthew"; s6_format = "300x250"; //--></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://society6.com/js/show_banner.js"> </script> I'm having some issues getting it to show. I've attempted to use both the code block and embed block features, but with no luck. Can anyone offer some advice to address this problem? Aloha,Matt
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