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  1. 1) Header: Footer: 2) Add class="slideUp" to the code of any element you wish to animate on the page. i.e. 3) Replace 'slideUp' with 'slideLeft', 'slideRight' etc. Refer to Justin's page for all references.4) In custom CSS, add "visibility: hidden;" to the style of the element you wish to animate (It will disappear temporarily!)page-559a88fbe4b02af487910a44{ “visibility: hidden;” }5) Add a code block anywhere on the specific page you wish to animate on, and set it to Markdown.6) Add the following code to the block: 7) Change the reveal settings for the elements by tweaking
  2. Alright fellas! After researching for hours upon hours and scratching my head like mad, trying to get an icon to work without having to be a javascript wiz, here is the entire process completed in a single post (so easy a newbie can do it). Credit for the first half is given to those who came up with the coding in the first place! I just put all of the pieces together to make it extremely easy to add an icon for your scroll to top feature! Enjoy guys!! Edit the Footer Go to your site’s footer area Add a Code Block Make sure it’s set to HTML and the Display Source option isunchecked Ad
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