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  1. Site URL: http://kingfisherfarmshop.com I am trying to build the new online shop for our Farm Shop in Surrey, UK. I have created all the products in the shop using placeholder images and I have now updated those images to the final images that I would like to be viewed in the live shop... and YET the updated images are not showing in the shop when I make it live! The updated images seem to show in the editing screen (left hand side of image in attachment) but not in the screen that shows the actual website (right hand side). I have tried restarting my computer, refreshing pages, clearing
  2. Site URL: http://kingfisherfarmshop.com My shop is not yet live on the website but hidden. We have a Farm Shop in Surrey, UK and we would like to offer Grocery boxes, Gift Hampers and flowers for local delivery only (we deliver in our vans and do not want to offer nationwide delivery). I have recently upgraded to the Advanced Plan, Commerce and yet I have just realised that SquareSpace only offers postcode restrictions in the USA and Canada and this is an important part of our website. Is anyone able to tell me whether we can employ a SquareSpace expert to make it possible to limit t
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