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  1. This is very helpful, thank you - I will pass along this information and see if anything can be done from their end.
  2. Hello!We set up a presentation for a client. Some of their clients are trying to view the presentation via remote desktop via a terminal server, which is Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard. Sometimes their browsers (Chrome) will stop responding. Other times they will only be able to access a blank white screen. Points of interest: • the initial page is password protected • we're utilizing a javascript countdown feature to reveal a "next" button after 5 seconds Does anyone know anything about remote desktops that might tell us why this is happening? And second to that if there's any way to get around it? Thanks very much! I know this is an incredibly niche problem.
  3. Oh I know that, like, technically how to do it. But since Squarespace handles the HTML code for the logo I'm not sure physically where to go to be able to put that declaration in. I know how to tweak CSS that's already declared, but not how to add "class='animate'" when it's not already there, you know? I'm not sure if I'm explaining that right but thank you for your continued thoughts, @jonnieay ! :)
  4. That looks great @jonnieay but I'm not sure how I would add a class declaration to the logo image? If it's simple I'm just not thinking of it...any ideas? Thanks for taking the time to write!
  5. Hello!Using the Bedford template, I've been able to adapt this code to get it to immediately resize after scrolling 75 pixels down. Ideally the client would like the logo shrink with a smooth transition. Site is here: https://carl-huber-j3cs.squarespace.com/ <script> $(document).on('scroll', function() { if ($(document).scrollTop() >= 75) { $('#logoImage img').css('width', '200px'); } else { $('#logoImage img').css('width', ''); } }); </script> I tried putting the following in the CSS for logoImage but it doesn't seem to be working: transition: all .3s ease;
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