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  1. Hi! I'm having trouble with one of my pages on my site whilst the other six pages are behaving fine. The troublesome page is my home page: www.mattbairdsound.com/home Google Search Console says 'Indexing Request Rejected'. It has a background video, hidden header and footer sections and the only text on the page only after a couple of seconds delay whilst the vide plays. Any idea what I have to do to get this page indexed? I'd prefer not have to change the design obvisouly! Thanks very much, Matt
  2. No problem. What does this screenshot tell you?
  3. Hiya, The text below my images in my galleries is suddenly way smaller than it should be. Check out this page: https://www.mattbairdsound.com/drama It looks like I put in some CSS specifying gallery caption font sizes when I set up these galleries but I don't think it is working any more because when I change the values, nothing changes on my pages. // Gallery Caption Text // .gallery-section .gallery-caption p { font-size: 1.6rem; font-weight: 300; letter-spacing: 0.17em; line-height: 1.4em; font-family: catamaran; } Any idea how to get these captions looking right again? Thank youuuuuu!! Matt
  4. Hi Paul, Thanks you. Yes it sure seems that way, but when I try to connect it to my website I get the below message (see attached screenshot) saying it is already connected. Any ideas?
  5. OK thank you that is helpful. So... I've changed my URL redirect code to: www.mattbairdsounddesign.com/features-1 -> www.mattbairdsound.com/film 301 Which feels like it should work. But it isn't working. Any idea why?
  6. Ok, I'm getting a clearer picture now. I actually do have control of the old domain, just not the old site as it has expired. So it sounds like you might be able to help me do my re-direct? I believe I have successfully added the old domain as a secondary domain. Am I right in thinking that putting the below code into Settings> Developer Tools> URL Mappings, should do the trick? https://www.mattbairdsounddesign.com -> https://www.mattbairdsound.com 301
  7. Hi guys, The good news: I've registered with Google Search Console, verified ownership of my old and new domains. Thank you! The bad news: I've been unsuccessful in setting up the redirect! Google Console is saying it can't fetch the page www.mattbairdsounddesign.com. This makes sense as the old website has expired. I've added the following URL mapping to my new site in Squarespace: www.mattbairdsounddesign.com -> www.mattbairdsound.com 301 But it doesn't seem to be working. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? M
  8. Thanks so much for your help guys! I'll try these and let you know how I get on. Thank you!
  9. Hi, I hope you can help! I've ditched my old site and domain www.mattbairdsounddesign.com. And have started afresh with www.mattbairdsound.com which is looking great. The only trouble is that my old, dead site comes up on google not the new one. What can I do? Thank you, Matt
  10. Is it possible to disable users rotating their mobile to landscape? I want my site to be portrait only.
  11. Thank you both very very much for your <h2> code! I've used <h3> and <h4> too for different transform values but when I use <h5> the text appears to be bold. Is it possible to fix that? Look at this page: https://www.mattbairdsound.com/misc-tv Password: sound You can see the problem 7 rows down on the image 'Neither Fish Nor Fowl: The Story Of An Anglo Irish Family'.
  12. Thank you so much! is there a way to have a different transform % value for mobile?
  13. Site: https://www.mattbairdsound.com/drama-1 Password: sound For each of the images in this gallery I'd like to make 4 lines of text appear when you mouse over. Is that possible? Thank you!
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