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  1. Okay, so I'm struggling along with NATIVE: https://jamie-kennerley.squarespace.com If you go to the FACTUAL page of my site, I just want to have nice clean images there that then click onto a new page with the video on it. Currently I have thumbnails with the ugly PLAY arrow on, which then click through to FULL PAGE video playing, which is way too big. I also can't figure out how to have any text underneath each thumbnail. It's obviously just the way I'm doing it, I do know that. I basically want exactly like this: http://www.adamscarth.co.uk/albums/promos/ Nice WIDE site, 3 DECENT-SIZE
  2. Hi team, I want to build a cinematography site for myself pretty much like this:http://www.adamscarth.co.uk/ Revolving image on the home page Categorised pages at the top, underneath the title Each category page containing various images/projects which when you click on bring up a linked Vimeo video file on a new page I just don't want to waste my time trying to build this in a template that can't do it. I already tried in Wexley but for the life of me couldn't work it out! Any advice appreciated - thanks so much, Jamie
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