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  1. Hi @tuanphan It's open now, PW free. How do I insert into a nav item? Thanks
  2. Hi, Please could I get some CSS help. The Primary Navigation of the site goes like this: Nice Story - Nice Location - Nice.Green - Nice Shop I am looking to Bold the word "nice" for each of the items. Thank you!! Rob https://pepper-clarinet-ctnt.squarespace.com/
  3. Hi thank you both for your answers, I tried the latter suggestion @MaryPhilip_ but the load time for the banner is significantly later than the rest of the blog and it doesnt look good. Appreciate your time though. Hopefully this could be a feature for SqSp ✌🏻
  4. @tuanphan You've already helped me massively, I was wondering If I could ask for your expertise again? Do you think it is possible for this loading page animation to only run when landing on the homepage and (like presently) not when landing on every page?
  5. @tuanphan THANK YOU! You are a lifesaver. I am sending you some positive vibes & karma. 🙏
  6. Hi everyone, I bought a plugin from Squarestud.io and it appears that they dont respond to anyone's emails/facebook/instagram - I assume they have gone bust. Anyway, I need to tweak the plugin and I am not very good at .js and would appreciate some help. The plugin is a logo loading screen using the site's logo. I am wanting to replace the image source (the existing site logo) with a gif that is stored in the site's CSS stored files - URL below. Any help is really really really appreciated. Thank you, Rob working site: https://pepper-clarinet-ctnt.squarespace.com/ GI
  7. Hi SQsp. https://pepper-clarinet-ctnt.squarespace.com/nice-media (pw: HowardMarks) I am using Brine and the Thumbnail is not appearing on the blog page. Are banners not a thing on Brine? This is my first foray into Brine as I was taking the advice that its the most customisable template. However, the blog post page is very basic. I would like to handover the site to the client without asking them to upload two of the same picture. Am I missing something? Ideally, I would like a simple banner image just above the title, and meta (they are fine as they are, but could go ov
  8. Hi folks! Please, could I have some CSS assistance for the Wells template? Site: https://lucyrussell-hillstest.squarespace.com/portfolio - PW:1234 I am trying to achieve an image gallery that has only two columns and with the portrait and landscape thumbnails the same height. Below is a photo of what I am attempting to create.I really hope you can help me, I will be super grateful. Thank you!
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