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  1. I may have had the underline code disabled momentarily while I was working on some css. Tried that code, and still no go. It's weird that it's just the active link that doesn't show up underlined.Thanks for all the help though!
  2. Awesome. That did the trick almost perfect. The folder and hover code works great (I styled the folder one with a color: red; function), but the active link code isn't working for me. Any ideas? Thanks!!
  3. Hello, I'm trying to have the text transform to underline in the main navigation (at the top), as well as on hover. Working in Pacific. The text color changes on hover and active currently, but would like to underline as well. Tried to work with the .active-link command, but didn't get far. my site: s2corporation.squarespace.com Any help on this would be awesome!
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