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  1. Unfortunately I'm still in trial mode. I'm trying to figure out if Squarespace is the best platform for what I'm trying to do some I'm not ready to buy a plan yet. Basically I just want to know if there's a way to edit the mobile view only. Every time I'm in mobile view and try to edit something it pops out to desktop view. I'm happy with the way the desktop view is looking but I don't like the way the mobile view looks.
  2. I'm working in the Pacific template and happy with my desktop version but when I change over to the mobile version everything gets bumped out of wack. I have 4 separate text blocks under the main banner that I'm using as another level of navigation. On the desktop version they're nice and aligned horizontally but when I move to mobile they stack on top of one another which I do not want. Also I have separate sections going down my page with alternating layouts (first section has an image on the left, then a text block, image block, and button next to it on the right; the next section is flopped with the text, image, and button on the left and image on the right). When moving to mobile everything lines itself up but in the first section the image is on top and the second section the image is on the bottom. For the mobile version I want all sections to look the same. Any idea?
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