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  1. Hi Paul! Thanks a lot for the detailed info... this is very helpful information. When a customer initiates the checkout then and the site uses shopify, will it run seamlessly through squarespace... as in so it looks like it's running through the same website in squarespace or will it redirect the customer to a checkout on shopify? What I meant by question 4 was, annually you pay the subscription to squarespace for the using th shop feature... I just went through it now again to double check and I think I've answered my own question because I thought that payment was to stripe, but its for the whole site... so thats a void question :)
  2. Site URL: https://www.hellohappyskin.com.au/ Hi all, I'm considering switching my store to shopify as my payment gateway while still using my squarespace site because i would like to add in multiple currencies based on geolocation and to add afterpay. I need advice on: 1. if switching, will it screw up my facebook pixel? 2. when I switch over will it affect other payment methods i already have connected on the site such as paypal? 3. would I have to rebuild each product description again from 0? 4. is there a way to get a refund of the remainder of the stripe subscription considering I have not used the full year subscription? If anyone has experience from doing this themselves, I'd love to get your opinion. thanks in advance!
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