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  1. SOLVED: After building a replacement site, step-by-step, I found the SS_side problem/conflict: Index: Gallery "Overlay Header on First Index Gallery” must be off for icons to render properly in green (not white) in the header of the home page.
  2. Rally template (which I've used many times). • When on the home page the social media icons render incorrectly in white. • When on secondary pages the social media icons render correctly in the color selected in 'Styles' (green). Initially I thought there may be a Custom CSS conflict. I reviewed each and found no syntax errors. I removed all of my Custom CSS entries one-by-one. Didn't help. I've never seen this happen before. Any thoughts? Where should I be looking? See jpg provided of problem. Thanks in advance. I've been chasing this for two days. ~Douglas (Note: Social Icons render properly on my own site taitdesign.com using Rally, which I've been using as cross-reference.)
  3. That was exactly what I was looking for and had spent the last five hours reading right over it. Thank you.
  4. Rally template. I removed the social media icon-only block from the footer. I would like to restore/add the 'icon block', however I can't find the selection or procedure anywhere. • I do have my Instagram account active in 'Connected Account' with 'pull' disabled. (I've removed and replaced the URL multiple times.) • I'm just looking to restore/add icons only to the footer (and not add a social media block pulling from my Instagram page which seems to be the only option I can find). Thanks in advance. I've been searching for hours.
  5. Thanks. I don't know how I missed that. Simple enough. Thank you.
  6. Existing Business account with Rally template: When I add a 'Products' page (for training, development, and future use) to my existing site (www.taitdesign.com), in the 'Not Linked' section, and with the page not enabled, "CART (0)" shows up in my navigation bar. I don't want the cart to appear until the page is active. It may not be active for weeks/months. How can I 'turn off' the visibility of the Cart in the navigation bar while the 'store' is in development? I've currently deleted the Products page to keep it from appearing which is pointless. Test: I did open my site on a different computer and different browser (not signed into Squarespace account) and "CART (0)" was visible. Sidebar: If one were to sell photography on one's Product page and send the order to a 'fulfillment house' to print, frame, ship to, and invoice buyer — can anyone recommend a few services?
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