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  1. This answer makes no sense to me... can you please explain where to put the other two @media only screen lines? I need help with hiding on mobile, because a back to top is pointless on mobile What does "codes several scroll buttons" mean? I have 1 image ('url') taking the place of the scroll up "black box", inserted into the custom css. I have the script in the code injection and the "class=scrollup code in the footer. it is functioning fine, I just need it hidden on mobile http://www.godbyhearth.com/
  2. The above "hide scroll button on mobile" does not do anything. I am adding it to the "sitewide" custom css. Is there not a way to simply target the scroll button on mobile and choose display: none? There is no point in having a scroll to top on mobile as it's so easy to scroll, and it gets in the way of clickable links and verbage. Thank you al
  3. this is not working. It was working fine for months, then today my prefooter image disappears, and the code (already in my custom CSS) is now no longer serving a purpose???? can someone explain this to me?? this is what I have #preFooter { background-image: url('https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2d/Charbon_-_charcoal_burning_(3106924114).jpg'); background-size: 100%; background-position: CENTER; } Can someone explain to me why this either stopped working or doesn't work currently? http://www.godbyhearth.com/ Thanks
  4. @eanderson - I don't understand what you are saying here "the image you upload should only be as large as you're comfortable with putting online." If I have a picture with text, the larger the picture is the crappier it looks. When ever i upload this picture that has text, squarespace changes the resolution of the picture and makes it blurry, no matter what i size the image to, the text still turns out blurry. Here's what I'm talking about >> I used the snipping tool to capture this selection from this webpage link text. i then uploaded it to squarespace and it ended up looking li
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