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  1. Hello. The link is link text And the password is: Testing
  2. Hello. I am using the Miller template and I have created a full bleed gallery grid block on one of the index pages. The website is: https://chinchilla-shallot.squarespace.com and the password is: Testing The top and bottom borders/spacing/padding are acceptable enough on a desktop: However, on a mobile there is too much border/spacing/padding above and below the gallery block: No matter what I try, I just can't seem to reduce it. I have tried lots of different things including all of the following gallery css variations, but nothing seems to work, or it just messes other regular imag
  3. Hello. Does anyone know how to change the colour of the dropdown menu handle in the product block? It is currently blue, but I would like to change it so that it is consistent with the theme/colouring of the rest of my website.
  4. Great code. However I am finding that when using the Post-Submit HTML code listed above it takes me to the new page fine. But when I hit the back button in the browser menu, it doesn't take you back to the page where you filled out the form. It's not really a big issue but I'm using the code on a newsletter form, which is on my blog. So if someone does subscribe and then chooses to go back to the blog by hitting the back button, it would be ideal if they can be sent back to the right place.
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