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  1. Hi @Licol These are simply recommendations from Squarespace. In reality you can use any sized image you like. If you use an inline image served by Squarespace; they will resize it. But if you're using background images/developer mode; you can bypass this. It's simply a recommendation to ensure that you are using optimised images. Hope this helps! Andrew DCODE GROUP
  2. Hi @inclusive It should be exactly the same in Squarespace as in any online platform. Simply target the image(s) you want to format by class or id and then specify the border: <style> img { border: black 2px solid; } </style> You can add this into the Header of your site as a whole - or just the page itself. Hope it helps! Andrew DCODE GROUP
  3. Probably easier to respond directly to the question/thread. But are you able to share the URL to your website so we can see how this has been implemented? Thanks,AndrewDCODE GROUP
  4. Sorry for my late response! Add the code; but the image will need to be uploaded via Squarespace to ensure its visible online/ Thanks, Andrew DCODE GROUP
  5. Thanks, @DavidM To hide the Main Nav, simply add this to any page you want to hide it: <style> .Header-nav { display: none; }</style> I'm not sure the reference to your secondary nav based on that link. But hopefully this is a start. Thanks, Andrew DCODE GROUP
  6. Hi David, You can do this by using CSS to show/hide whichever navigation you want page-by-page. Do you have a URL to your site we can see? We can then provide sample code for you to use to achieve the desired result. Thanks,AndrewDCODE GROUP
  7. No worries - let me know if you get stuck, happy to help further directly if we can. The thing about Squarespace is that it does what it does well - but outside that, it can be fairly inflexible. Because it comes with native Templates, the configuration is fairly limited. Navigation, Sub Navigation and Sub-Sub-Navigation simply have never been part of the off-the-shelf templates and as such are not supported. To get this to work you not only have to change the configuration of the system; you also have to change the templates - which is unlikely to be supported for some time. Andrew
  8. It should be - it should simply output HTML that you can add to a code block. But see how you go - happy to help if you get stuck. Thanks, Andrew DCODE GROUP
  9. Great to hear it helped! Feel free to reach out if I can help any further. Andrew DCODE GROUP
  10. What you'll want to do is generate what is called an Image Map. This is essentially an image that has areas that are clickable and will redirect a user to a URL/address. You should be able to use a service like this: https://www.image-map.net/ ... to upload an image and define the image map. This will output some HTML (or code) that you can then embed into the website. I hope this helps! Thanks,AndrewDCODE GROUP
  11. One option would be to edit the Template in the developer mode. This way you can add a text block below the products. The simpler option would be to move your Products page to the "Not Linked" section; then in a new page, add a Summary Block that pulls out an Index of your Products. This way you can edit the page using the drag and drop editor in Squarespace. I hope this makes sense! Feel free to reach out if you need any further assistance. Thanks,AndrewDCODE GROUP
  12. Hi @egreen118 , I think @PMDesigner was asking how you add a folder within a folder - which is not possible. The link provided shows you how to add a drop-down (but not a drop-down within a drop-down, etc). Note: This URL refers to Squarespace V5 - the current Squarespace version is 7.
  13. Hi @PMDesigner , It's not possible - Squarespace only allows you to have one folder (rather than nesting them within each-other). It CAN be done using the Developer Mode; but needs to be configured in the template files. We have explained how we achieved this here:https://www.dcodegroup.com/blog/multi-level-menu-in-squarespace Feel free to reach out if you need assistance with this. Thanks,AndrewDCODE GROUP
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