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  1. @EllyCobbett, I'm looking for the same solution. I would love to know if you ever get it to work? I want to italicize certain posts based on the category. I really thought you could use css to target adjacent items, but the category name is just to deep in the structure to enable it. I found some javascript code but it didn't work for me. StackOverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/66090012/squarespace-change-css-elements-depending-on-blog-tag
  2. For galleries that are not tucked under an index page, the following code to show the images titles has worked for me in Brine family templates (7.0). Maybe you can adapt? /* On non-index accessed gallery pages, display the title and description */ .collection-type-gallery.gallery-design-grid .slide .slide-meta { display: block; line-height: 16px; }
  3. Hello! I'm using Brine and would love to add an overlay to a Gallery Block in Slideshow mode. I believe it needs to be done with CSS, but I just *cannot* figure out the selectors/code. I've tried playing with the opacity but it just turns things white and I actually want to darken it up. I'd also love to shrink the vertical size of the main slideshow but no luck their either. Sadly, I can't share the site because it's a not-yet-released app 😞 My bad code.... /* Trying to style overlay of slideshow .sqs-video-wrapper, .slide .sqs-gallery-design-stacked-slide .loaded { height: 50vh !important; background-color: #27241D; opacity: .95 !important; } */ Any help at all would be greatly precipitated!
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