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  1. Hey! I'm originally from Quebec, trust me I know the pain/feeling! That's a big part of why I'm involved in https://www.bablic.com today! Why don't you use Bablic to easily translate your website ? It lets you translate it with just one line of code and works perfectly with Squarespace (all themes). You just enter your URL on our homepage and select the language you need to add. It'll load your site (machine translated) into our editor and from there you can manually edit text, images, css with just a right click. Once it looks good, just click activate now to get the one line of code you need to add to your Squarespace header (using code injection), that's all! Would love to hear what you think as a fellow Quebecer! Get in touch if you need anything: laurent@bablic.com Here's the full Squarespace translation guide: http://blog.bablic.com/translate-your-squarespace-website-with-bablic/
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