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  1. Hi Everyone, A client of mine has switched from MailChimp to Agile CRM and has asked to to look into integrating it with the Newsletter sign up from. Have anyone done this and can share how it's done? I have found that Zapier can connect Squarespace with Agile? The task needed it to make sure that any newsletter sign-up are sent to Agile to be added there. Many thanks in advance, Jason.
  2. Hi Everyone, My client has signed up with McAfee to build trust with visitor and I have logged into his account to get the integrations that they offer added to the clients new Squarespace website which is not yet live. My question is this, does the website need to be live to see the code working? I have added the code but nothing is showing up, even when view the site on a different browser that's not logged into Squarespace. I don't tend to use the Code Block that much but as nothing is showing up I suspect that it's down to the site not being live yet? Thanks in advance :0) Jason
  3. Hi everyone, I need help to add a simple benefits calculator to a clients new Squarespace website. The current site with the calculator can be viewed here. I have an Excel spreadsheet with the formula that the client has sent me, but I don't have the skills to do this myself. I've done some searching on Google about this but I've not found much that is of any help to me so far, so, I thought it best to ask in here. Is this something that is relatively easy to code? Does anyone have any experience of doing this or something similar? I'd be happy to pay someone to help with this, so, please let me know if you can help or can recommend a Circle member that can. Many thanks in advance, Jason :0)
  4. Hi Everyone, Is it possible to change the Author Name in blog posts for a Pseudonym? My client has an artists name that they want to use as the author of blog posts, not the name on their account. Is this possible to do? I know that I can remove the Author name using the Style section but it would be really useful if they could use their artists name of Phat Geezer instead just for blog posts? Many thanks in advance :0)
  5. Hi tuanphan, Here is a URL to one of the products: http://marilyngough.squarespace.com/the-pittville-collection-products/luna-rising-i
  6. Hi Everyone, I've created a client site using Brine and set the navigation to float on the header image. But, I really need to have a sticky header so that when scrolling, the nav section switches to a black background. I used some code which does make the nav sticky, but this does not switch the navigation block, so, the links are currently not viewable when scrolling over the rest of the page. Header { position: fixed !important; top: 25px !important; left: 0 !important; right: 0 !important; } I want the header to be sticky on all pages. I hope there is an easy fix for this? Many thanks in advance.
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm using the Hyde Template for a clients online store to see their fine art from but the store images are being cut off due to there not being an option to show the artwork without cropping it? Normally there is an option to crop or uncrop images in a gallery, but there only seems to be limited image display options in the Style Editor for product listings? I've had to change the products page to square view to correctly show some round art, but when a product is clicked through the edges are cut off and for tall, thin images, the top an bottoms are cut off? Does anyone know how this can be fixed so that the main image shows all of the artwork? Otherwise I'll have to create a square image and past the main image in that with white edges to force the whole piece to view correctly? The website is www.marilyngough.com if you need to take a look to see what I mean. Many thanks in advance :0)
  8. How would I use a background image that spanned all of the white space as an alternative for me to try out?
  9. Hi Tuanphan, Full width image yes, to fit below the top banner image and down the the clock image banner. Jason
  10. tuanphan the password to view the site is: emailogic
  11. Hi there, I am trying to add a background image as a faded image on a home page, but only to a specific section - not the whole homepage. This is the site https://emailogic.squarespace.com/ I just need the first section below the header images to have the background image as a faded image and down to just the next banner image. Is there code that can be used to do this for any block I choose as this would be a great way to add some added visual depth to the website? I remember seeing a post on how to add colour to any block section, but I really need to be able to add an image instead? Many thanks in advance :0)
  12. I'm hoping to be able to change the colour of the hamburger icon in the Bedford Template. Not the nav text colour - just the hamburger icon? I'm using the transparent banner option on all pages for aesthetic reasons. I've been able to add custom CSS to fix the bar but when the page scrolls the white hamburger icon is lost as the page colour is white. I could, of course, change the nav colour to orange (#e48b25) but the client may not be happy with this. I hope that this is a quick bit of code to add? Many thanks in advance
  13. This doesn't work it only adds white space to the top of the header image - not bringing up the body content?
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