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  1. Thanks, the password is bupaexhibition. Hopefully you can help to see what is causing the extra spacing? Jason
  2. Site URL: https://bupaexhibition.squarespace.com/ Hi Everyone, Does anyone know how to reduce the gap between the gallery slideshow and the thumbnails below. When the client added a set of images to the gallery on the Headway Gloucester page, there is a big gap before the thumbnails? Can this be reduced easily as it looks odd currently. All I did was to create a slideshow section and turn on thumbnail view. Many thanks in advance, Jason.
  3. Site URL: https://www.limooshopping.com Hi Everyone, My clients site has a Facebook feed embedded using the Embed Block and has working without issue for over a year. Today I was informed by my client that the feed will not load due to an error. Since then another client has also mentioned the same issue with their feed? Is this something that any of your are experiencing? I wonder if Facebook are anything to do with the issue? Do you use a different way or tool to embed Facebook content? Many thanks in advance :0)
  4. Hi Tuanphan, Thanks for replying. How is this done as I can't see any way in the Design, Fonts section to change headings for Mobile view? The issue is happening in more than one place on the homepages.
  5. Hi Everyone, I've added code to a clients site that stops the hyphenation, however words are now being split onto two lines? Really, the title text should show full words and at the break point, move the next word to a new line as it messes up the readability. Is there an easy fix for this as I don't like hyphenation at all, plus the alternative currently isn't ideal either? You can see the site here: https://haddock-crocodile-e7d3.squarespace.com sundialhouse Many thanks in advance. Jason :0)
  6. Site URL: https://interiorsbydesignco.squarespace.com/ Hi, I've recreated a clients site from 7.1 to Brine in 7.0 so that they can have a parallax background image with scrolling text. I've added anchor text links to jump to text block and used spacer block and also carriage returns to get the positioning right. I want to stop the banner image to scale beyond the edges, so that the background image is always 100% of its width. Is this possible? To view the site: https://interiorsbydesignco.squarespace.com/ interiorsbydesign Now that I've added
  7. Site URL: https://haddock-crocodile-e7d3.squarespace.com/ Hi everyone, My clients site is ready to go live but there is an issue when viewing on mobile view. The text title (which is set to a heading) pushes part of a word onto the next line? I can find code to stop justification of text but nothing on how to force mobile view to have words read properly? See the screenshots to show what I mean. https://haddock-crocodile-e7d3.squarespace.com/ sundial The above is how to view the site. Hoping this is an easy fix as it makes the text illegible and ugly. Thank
  8. Site URL: https://haddock-crocodile-e7d3.squarespace.com/ How can I make the caption text bigger in the Gallery Grid Strips block? My client wants the text bigger as it a feature on their home page and the current text is getting lost on the page. It's a shame that there aren't extra options in the pop up edit window such as text size or text in button etc? Many thanks in advance :0)
  9. Nick, that is a very simple and effective option that I can test out. It's such an oversight by @SQUARESPACE to not have a slideshow banner with the option to add text and buttons to each slide!
  10. I'm based in the UK and I've been designing sites with Squarespace for over 7 years and for many years previously with Wordpress and HTML. As a freelance creative I offer graphic and website design, packaging and sign design, book cover and layout design, art and illustration and content and blog writing. Aside for that, I'm a published poet and love escaping into the wilderness. I offer some SEO support for clients and outsource anything that is more specific or in-depth. I'm keen to learn more and in turn connect with Squarespace SEO providers for referrals and also knowledge sharing. B
  11. Thanks Angela for that. In the end I had to have a technical video call with the Agile support team to walk me through the solution. That was way to long winded so I'm hopeful that Squarepace can integrate Agile at some point as they are a big player in the CRM market.
  12. Hi Everyone, I'm a creative professional based in Stroud, Gloucestershire in the UK with over 20 years working in the creative sector and over 18 years as a freelance creative. I offer a full-service design studio for branding, graphics, web design, ecommerce book design, signage, labels and packaging, social media graphics and content creation/writing, photo manipulation, creative writing, poetry for business, creative mentoring and creative writing workshops. I class myself as a true graphic designer in the historical sense, being able to be creative across multiple areas. I love using
  13. Hi Everyone, A client of mine has switched from MailChimp to Agile CRM and has asked to to look into integrating it with the Newsletter sign up from. Have anyone done this and can share how it's done? I have found that Zapier can connect Squarespace with Agile? The task needed it to make sure that any newsletter sign-up are sent to Agile to be added there. Many thanks in advance, Jason.
  14. Hi Everyone, My client has signed up with McAfee to build trust with visitor and I have logged into his account to get the integrations that they offer added to the clients new Squarespace website which is not yet live. My question is this, does the website need to be live to see the code working? I have added the code but nothing is showing up, even when view the site on a different browser that's not logged into Squarespace. I don't tend to use the Code Block that much but as nothing is showing up I suspect that it's down to the site not being live yet? Thanks in advance
  15. Hi everyone, I need help to add a simple benefits calculator to a clients new Squarespace website. The current site with the calculator can be viewed here. I have an Excel spreadsheet with the formula that the client has sent me, but I don't have the skills to do this myself. I've done some searching on Google about this but I've not found much that is of any help to me so far, so, I thought it best to ask in here. Is this something that is relatively easy to code? Does anyone have any experience of doing this or something similar? I'd be happy to pay someone to help with this,
  16. Hi Everyone, Is it possible to change the Author Name in blog posts for a Pseudonym? My client has an artists name that they want to use as the author of blog posts, not the name on their account. Is this possible to do? I know that I can remove the Author name using the Style section but it would be really useful if they could use their artists name of Phat Geezer instead just for blog posts? Many thanks in advance :0)
  17. Hi tuanphan, Here is a URL to one of the products: http://marilyngough.squarespace.com/the-pittville-collection-products/luna-rising-i
  18. Hi Everyone, I've created a client site using Brine and set the navigation to float on the header image. But, I really need to have a sticky header so that when scrolling, the nav section switches to a black background. I used some code which does make the nav sticky, but this does not switch the navigation block, so, the links are currently not viewable when scrolling over the rest of the page. Header { position: fixed !important; top: 25px !important; left: 0 !important; right: 0 !important; } I want the header to be sticky on all pages. I hope
  19. Hi Everyone, I'm using the Hyde Template for a clients online store to see their fine art from but the store images are being cut off due to there not being an option to show the artwork without cropping it? Normally there is an option to crop or uncrop images in a gallery, but there only seems to be limited image display options in the Style Editor for product listings? I've had to change the products page to square view to correctly show some round art, but when a product is clicked through the edges are cut off and for tall, thin images, the top an bottoms are cut off? Does a
  20. How would I use a background image that spanned all of the white space as an alternative for me to try out?
  21. Hi Tuanphan, Full width image yes, to fit below the top banner image and down the the clock image banner. Jason
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