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  1. Although this isn't a direct answer to the question I discovered that if I'm using a VPN while developing a site and try to link to the external content in the iframe the content won't render. Once the VPN is disabled it works as expected.
  2. Site URL: https://harveys-furniture.com Greetings, Searching for a solution to embedding a script provided to me from a client working with Simpl.fi that tracks their Facebook Pixel. I have informed them that Squarespace can implement their Facebook Pixel however they prefer to use their pre-existing service. I have added the script to the <head> section within sitewide Code Injection but I cannot use the Chrome extension provided by FB to since it's obfuscated within the script. Is this the proper place to add the script and how can I be certain it's firing correctly, thanks all! <script async src='https://tag.simpli.fi/sifitag/04359640-b7e8-0138-31e5-06abc14c0bc6'></script>
  3. Yes, this is very problematic. Site search is one of those common features in a website that when they don't work, reflect poorly on the developer, regardless of fault. Had I been aware something as simple as the search tool would not work I wouldn't have created the website in 7.1. I will not develop any others in 7.1 until this issue is fixed.
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