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  1. Hi @tuanphan, I would very much like to remove the active navigation link underline on mobile. I have currently used this code (text-decoration: none!important), which is not removing the underline (although it should?): @media screen and (max-width: 991px) { .header-menu-nav-item--active a { color:#d2145d!important; text-decoration: none!important; } .header-menu-nav-item--active:hover a {opacity: 0.5!important; transition: 0s 0s ease-in-out } } Website: www.aulaseriene.no Thanks!
  2. The '<span>'s are gone, but the pagination titles uses the full title as entered in Project Settings (excluding <span>), cluttering the pagination. It would be fantastic if pagination could target "SEO Title" as correct page title instead of the project titles as entered in Project Settings. Hope it makes sense?
  3. Ah, I see! As @tmdesign discovered, entering SEO titles will remove '<span>' from browser tabs + pagination in any case. However, hiding the subtitles (all text following the first <span>) is still the main issue for the pagination. Would it be possible to target the pagination code to use the site titles entered in SEO? That would be it... Here's an example project in my portfolio where you can see how the pagination is cluttered with long site titles even though browser tab titles are kept tidy using SEO titling: https://www.thormodkvam.com/projects/venskaben
  4. @tuanphan: what would this code do? (When pasting it into the footer code, there is no difference.) Is there a way to route the code to use the SEO titles as pagination titles? That would be amazing... Sorry for my amateur question – I'm very inexperienced with jQuery, I'm afraid.
  5. It worked perfectly. Such a tiny detail, but it truly makes a difference. Thank you so much, @paul2009!
  6. Hi Paul, Thanks for having a go at this! It didn't work, I'm afraid. There's quite a bit of code in my footer already, but I suppose other code won't block this one from functioning (as no other code is targeting .eventitem-backlink)... Here's the code I used (just changed the link text – thanks for having a go even at translating it): <script> Y.on('domready', function() { Y.one(".eventitem-backlink").set('innerHTML', 'Tilbake til programoversikt') }); </script>
  7. Thanks @tmdesign, it does help to some extent. However, the main issue would still be pagination + browser tabs, where the full title including <span> or # would still be visible. Any thoughts? I assume some jQuery work needs to be done!
  8. @tuanphan, sorry for the lack of reply – as you were a bit overloaded back in February (probably still is?!) and this wasn't urgent, I decided to wait. But this is still to be fixed, so I'm curious whether you get it to work with @tmdesign's site!
  9. Hi @paul2009, I would also like to know how to rename the 'Back to all Events' label. Do you know how? Here's the site: https://www.aulaseriene.no/program-v2/lieder-290521 (still under development) I've got a Business Plan and my site is running 7.1. This entry is getting old, but I can't find any other posts enquiring about renaming this particular label. Fingers crossed you can still help!
  10. Hi @tuanphan, I have now made the site public, please see this link: https://www.thormodkvam.com/projects I've used <span> to style the portfolio subtitle in "The Aula Series" (the first project), but as you can see, the whole title shows in browser tab + pagination. It would be great if one could keep only the main title in browser tabs + pagination to maintain a clean design. In advance – thanks a lot!
  11. Thanks, @tuanphan. The use of | definitely looks better, but as you say – the titles will still show on browser tabs and in pagination. As for jscript, would this be a complicated matter to solve? @vcampaner, did you find a solution?
  12. Hi @tuanphan, First of all – thanks for your generosity and helpfulness across the forum. Regarding the Portfolio thumbnail subtitling using <span>, these subtitles also show as part of the portfolio item's title (thus it also appears on top of the browser window when entering the portfolio item page, as well as in the pagination field, where too long titles often clutter the layout). See attached screenshot. Is there any way to add subtitles on Portfolio thumbnails without cluttering the page titles with the same text? PS: it seems you can also add simple code like <br> and font-styling in the title field in the settings of each portfolio item, and they will show correctly on the portfolio thumbnails. However, then all the text + coding also appear as page titles just like when using <span>. Thanks! Skjermopptak 2021-02-01 kl. 15.46.14.mov
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