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  1. @alxfyv is correct. After looking at your links, it looks like you will need to set the "Clickthrough URL" up like this: /indexname#pagename So an example of this for you would look something like: /media#gaming-section /media#filmsz-section And so on.
  2. This should work for you. This will target the button you requested, and any other of the "Small" buttons if you put it into the "Custom CSS" in Style Editor. If you want to just target the button on the page, place it between in the Page Header Code Injection. .small-button-shape-pill .sqs-block-button .sqs-block-button-element--small:hover { background-color: #0000ff !important; color: #fff !important }
  3. Part of the issue is that there are several different variables for types of buttons - working with CSS is working with more than just the color variables. We are really just shooting in the dark if we have limited information. People can send various code they've used, but it may not be applicable to your specific scenario. Just an FYI - You can always edit or delete the comment to remove your website after help has been offered.
  4. It would help to have a link to your website. If you can update your question with the link we would be able to better help.
  5. Have you added other custom CSS to your site already? If you provide a link to the site, I'll take a look. Also, Make sure you have disabled "Always Use Overlay Nav" in the Style Editor.
  6. I was able to get this to work in Pacific. This will hide the hamburger and display the nav. Keep in mind though that this does not take into account the Scrolling Nav on mobile. If you want that functionality, you'll need to make some more adjustments. /*Hide Hamburger, Show Desktop*/ .mobile-nav-toggle-label { display: none !important; } @media only screen and (max-width: 768px) { #header #headerNav { display: inline !important;} }
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