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  1. How did you fade in and out your index gallery? I haven't yet to have this question answered. I'm not a super coder, but it seems like the solution should be a simple one. Thanks.
  2. Did you ever find a solution? I also want to fade in and fade out of my index page when you go in and out and I have not found an answer. (not a coder!) Oof. Thanks.
  3. Or if noone can answer this can you at least tell me why my pages "shutter" and twitch in clicking out of them? Maybe my images are too large. Just curious anyone's thoughts.
  4. I saw that this question is out there but wasn't answered. When I click a thumbnail on my index page, everything jolts down in a glitchy kind of way before loading the next page. I simply want the pages/ thumbs to fade in and fade out so it's a more smooth experience. I can't seem to find those options. I see you can animate individual image blocks, but not my index page/ thumbnails. Seems pretty simple.
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