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  1. Hi Hugh,Thanks so much for taking the time to answer. To be honest I don't understand the code and how it solves the issue.I need to spend sometime learning more about CSS first! Thanks,Chris
  2. Thanks you squaregirl! that worked perfectly and I learned something new :-)
  3. Google apps can do it, but it's a bit expensive at $5/month or so. Instead I went with http://www.crazydomains.com.au/ which is like $0.50/month.Once you have a email host you need to go back to your domain name server and set up an MX Record and A Record to point to the crazy domains servers. Don't worry this won't interfere with the A record that already points your domain name to squarespace6.com servers. Hope this helps
  4. I created a splash page (www.uberphotography.com.au) and since this page links to several different websites I don't want to have the site navigation visible on this page.I have been able to use the CSS editor to remove the navigation using: #main-navigation { display: none; } #mobile-navigation { display: none; } However this removes the navigation from the whole site which I obviously don't want. So when I go to http://uberphotography.com.au/home I still want to be able to see my navigation so I can move around the site. So question is how do I apply this CSS change to only one pag
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