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  1. Hi there! We've created a tutorial (with code-snippets you can copy-paste easily) for doing exactly this. Hope it's helpful! Creating rotating testimonials using the quote block | Squarespace 7
  2. We wrote a blog post on how to add custom fonts below. It'll guide you through the whole process, including which types of fonts to download, how to add them to your site, and how to use them on specific elements! Hope it helps! Adding custom fonts in Squarespace 7
  3. If you're having a hard time finding the ID, you can instead change the CSS on a single page using code injection or a Markdown block. We wrote a detailed tutorial showing you how, should be pretty easy! Using CSS on Individual Pages | Squarespace 7
  4. Hi! Happy you got it to work! I can't seem to find the cover page from the link you gave me, but the issue is that you need to add some custom CSS that works on the cover page. You'll have to inspect element to manually see how to change the fonts, but I don't believe you have to add any more code to the injection boxes.
  5. The comments are there - http://www.muno.space/code-snippets/video-backgrounds
  6. Please stop passing our solution off as your own. Your developer did not create a solution, he copy and pasted ours. Here is @SquarespaceGuru's code:https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/othercontentinfo/Screen+Shot+2015-04-16+at+10.39.34+AM.pnghttps://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/othercontentinfo/Screen+Shot+2015-04-16+at+11.08.38+AM.png Here is ours:https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/othercontentinfo/Screen+Shot+2015-04-16+at+11.19.25+AM.png
  7. @SquarespaceGuru "If I wanted to copy your code and sell it as my own I would have done so a long time ago." - You are already doing this. The people on Lynda.com create the courses themselves. They are not selling free tutorials from tuts+. The code in our post does work, and that is reflected in the comments. If it works on yours, it works on ours because it is the identical code. Finally, this is not open source code, so taking it and using it for commercial use is an infringement of copyright law.
  8. @SquarespaceGuru That is very disrespectful towards @silvabokis, who provides great free content through his site, which makes him very far from a troll. And it does matter, as I created this code myself as original free content and spent quite some time working on it. You are then selling the copyrighted code as your own for financial gain, which is illegal and unethical. To top it off, you are selling our free answer right under our free answer on numerous posts. We would appreciate you taking it down before further action.
  9. Thanks for pointing this out @silvabokis. The code that @SquarespaceGuru is selling is a verbatim copy of the code in our post. Please remove this from your website and to readers of this do not buy it.
  10. You do have to pay $25/mo to get rid of the "powered by wistia" banner that shows up on the top of the video. I'm assuming Jason is on a paid account because there was the option to uncheck that box. http://wistia.com/pricing
  11. Sorry but our free tutorial is easy to DIY (all code is provided), free of bugs, and fully responsive. It's worked perfectly for a number of individuals already (who implemented it rather quickly on their own) and they are thrilled. Just because an answer is free does not mean it is inaccurate. There is no need to denigrate other answers in order to sell your product. For anyone still trying to figure this out, here is the link:http://www.muno.space/code-snippets/video-backgrounds
  12. Hi there, Here's a tutorial on how to add custom fonts you've gotten from sites other than squarespace. Hope it helps! Adding Custom Fonts in Squarespace 7
  13. There’s a much easier way to do this using the Markdown Block. No need to find block IDs. Check out the tutorial here (it has a simple code snippet you can copy-paste and customize to your needs): Adding custom borders to text boxes in Squarespace 7 Hope that helps!
  14. Here's a detailed tutorial on how to do this with a looping video (not gif). Code snippets are included so you can copy-paste. Hope it helps! Creating video backgrounds in Squarespace 7
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